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We are Powersun Consultants LA and we guarantee you the highest-quality solar roofing panels Los Angeles has to offer. We use solar panels made by American companies that are proven, and reliable by companies in LA. Getting you guaranteed lower utility bills with no money down.


Francis Gonzalez

Your friendly neighborhood solar panel installation advisor!

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Net Metering for Solar Power

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Choosing a solar manufacturer can be a challenge, but we make it easy. We guarantee no money down for your solar panel system. Guaranteed savings on your utility bills or we won't install them. We will ensure that it is maintained and serviced for you.

Purchasing a Home Solar System

We make it simple for you by giving you a free consultation so there is no out of pocket expense. We will setup the instalation of your solar panels. Lastly we will ensure that it is activated and saving you money.

How much do Solar Panels cost?

The cost of solar panels can be very expensive that is why we are here. We start with a zero no money down guarantee to start your savings. Then we work with all Federal and State grants to ensure that your panels are virtually free and reducing your utility bill.

Government Incentives

The incentives make it a no brainer to switch to solar energy. You can get upeards of 30% or more discounted. That is not including the numerous tax incentive for those with a bib tax appetitte. Our consultant will ensure you get the best savings.

Getting Estimates

The estimates are going to be specifically computed for your home and your needs. These won’t be similar to anyone else’s. Because breaking the bank is not a wise investment we carefuly conside the best estimates from our solar installer company.

Solar Panels: Buy or Lease?

We take a simple approach that will ensure you get the best reults. In your consulation we determine your tax appetite and work with you to decide what direction you want to go. Buy the panels for an incredible tax break or lease to ensure all your maintenance and repairs are taken care of.

What is Net Metering?

The big question is how does it really pay for itself?. That is simple it is called Net Metering. simply put as your home collects solar energy all the unsued energy gets sold back to the utility company. This means you are virtualy cutting your bill in half and some instances even more.









Free Consultation

There is no obligation and we come to you! Let us help you save on your electric bill today!

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